New CombiMaster 3000 plus SmartRemote display

The CombiMaster 3000 – A new inverter-charger to provide a non-stop power supply solution.

The SmartRemote display – Checking Mastervolt and CZone systems has never been easier.

With modern boats and vehicles often having a high power demand onboard with a combination of voltages in the same hull, maintaining a constant power supply, and effectively monitoring it, can be challenging. The new the CombiMaster 3000 inverter-charger offers a carefree solution for recreational and professional use, whilst the SmartRemote works with the Combi to provide advanced monitoring and management of the device. 

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based experts in marine and mobile power systems, announces the arrival of the CombiMaster 3000, which integrates a powerful and intelligent 3-step+ battery charger, a quiet and efficient inverter and versatile switching system in one lightweight and compact device.

Bridging the gap between the current Mastervolt Mass Combi and Mass Combi Pro / Ultra models, the CombiMaster 3000 is designed and built with a high VA rating and >200% peak power to start even the heaviest and complex loads with ease. Power dips belong to the past due to the automatic AC transfer system switching seamlessly between generator or mains and inverter output, ensuring a constant power supply.

The Power Assist function prevents the main fuse tripping, should the boat or vehicle be connected to a weak shore power supply or small generator.

Available in both 12 V and 24 V models, the CombiMaster 3000 delivers unmatched performance at an unprecedented price. As you would expect from Mastervolt, the CombiMaster is completed with MasterBus, CZone and NMEA2000 compatible communication, allowing for a broad range of monitoring and system integration options.

 Applications and SmartRemote

The CombiMaster 3000 will prove ideal for yachts and RVs. In addition to handling all global grid voltages, it also resists large voltage spikes and high temperatures. This is useful in places where power supplies are erratic and unreliable, and also helps protect any sensitive equipment that may be connected to the DC system during charging. The electronics are built to operate in harsh environments and are fully compliant with key certifying authorities CE and E-mark.

With many recreational boaters having only one ‘system’ onboard in need of monitoring, such as the CombiMaster 3000, the SmartRemote is the perfect partner in entry level power systems as it monitors and controls that single device. The SmartRemote touch screen display shows four important parameters of the connected device allowing simple and efficient monitoring, as well as offering advanced information within the 4 parameters. However, with its handy functionality and compact size, the SmartRemote is also ideal as a dedicated device monitor / control in larger systems on larger boats or recreational vehicles.

System simplicity

As with all Mastervolt products, the CombiMaster 3000 has been designed for versatility. It can work to communicate with displays other display units as well as SmartRemote, shunts and other on-board power systems using MasterBus, CZone or NMEA protocols.

Ease of installation

Mastervolt systems are easy to install and easy to operate. The SmartRemote display can be panel mounted or may be integrated into a Blue Sea Systems Custom 360 bezel, and fixed using the included locking ring. The included network cable is connected to the device (or if multiple devices are present in a system, simply detect the device you wish to onitor with the SmartRemote. The CombiMaster 3000 has robust and ergonomic, making for quick installation times.

Features of the CombiMaster 3000
  • Dependable quality for leisure and semi-professional applications
  • Most compact and lightweight Combi in its class
  • Reliable, cost effective and hum-free
  • High VA rating and >200% peak power to start even the heaviest loads
  • Pure Sine technology prevents malfunctions and damage to electronic equipment
  • Low-loss HF technology allows for longer operation from your batteries
  • Powerful and intelligent 3-step+ battery charger for fast and safe charging
  • Fast, automatic switching between mains and inverter mode
  • Power Assist prevents blown main fuses
  • Generator compatible
  • Quick installation and heavy duty connections
  • CE and E-mark certified
Remote Control and Monitoring options
  • MasterBus: SmartRemote or EasyView 5 displays
  • CZone: Touch 5 or Touch 10
  • NMEA2000: 3rd Party MFD
Features of the SmartRemote
  • Clear, back lit colour display
  • Shows essential information and basic settings for a single device
  • Easy mounting, plug and play
  • Blue Seas Custom 360 panel compatibility
  • Bus powered – no power supply needed


Power Maxed Racing are proud to announce technical partnership

Power Maxed Racing are proud to announce their latest technical partnership with Power Products Mobile Solutions Mobile Solutions that will aid the team towards their goal of victory in this season’s British Touring Car championship.

Power Maxed Racing are working with Power Products Mobile Solutions to develop a complete power solution for their British Touring Car Championship race truck, allowing the team full autonomy wherever they may be. This will give the Warwickshire-based outfit the ability to run their main race support truck completely “off-grid”, allowing the team guaranteed power and vastly increased working capability anywhere.

Power Products Mobile Solutions includes Mastervolt, suppliers of innovative and reliable power solutions, such as battery chargers, inverters, batteries, monitoring panels and integration systems. With extensive knowledge gleaned from the marine and mobile industries, Power Products Mobile Solutions is proud to be stepping into the world of high-level motorsport.

 Power Products Mobile Solutions are utilising a range of their robust and industry proven inverters, batteries, monitoring panels and integration systems to power the truck and all onboard tools. The truck will have the power to run itself independently for more than 48 hours, meaning that no matter the situation, PMR never have to worry about loss of power to vital communication or workshop equipment.

 Martin Broadhurst, PMR Team Manager - “We pride ourselves on only working with partners who genuinely understand our requirements, and that have the best products available in their field. Power Products Mobile Solutions is known as being at the top of their game, and from the very start have understood our requirements to the letter. Having the ability to work off the grid will be a massive shot in the arm to our campaign and means we can now run full communication and workshop facilities at every shake down session. Our race support truck is our office, workshop and data centre wherever we run the BTCC cars, so having absolute confidence in it is a necessity.”

 Andy Parker, Power Products’ Technical Sales Manager UK and Ireland - “We are delighted to be in partnership with Power Maxed Racing. With 5 out of the 8 brands from Power Products (Ancor, BEP, Blue Sea, Mastervolt and Marinco) being used to install a top specification autonomous power system on their race trailer, we are excited to be supporting the team in this coming season, and are looking forward to watching some exciting racing.”

 You can see Power Products & Mastervolt systems come to life and in action in the CASES section and, with videos and case studies of real life systems and sponsor projects.